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I am a dancer, choreographer and mother to my three cool kids! I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and have been living in Orlando, Florida since 2003. I have worked with many successful hip hop dance troupes and traveled as a backup dancer for local artists. Dance and performance has always been my greatest way of expression and what has helped me in developing confidence and self care throughout my life. 
Bombshell Dance Productions was created with a lot of love! I am very particular in the quality and the content in which we dance and create within my company. My goal is to provide women with a supportive and welcoming outlet that will help to nurture your love for dance, your growth in confidence and to connect with other inspiring women through the Bombshell sisterhood that we share.
Whether it's live in person classes, our online membership program, or a private contract between you and I, you are welcomed into our Bombshell community with a lot of love & support! I am a true believer that we women should serve as inspiration for one another. Let's celebrate our progress and dance it out! Thank you for being here with me.
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